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ABEC South – Building Science Scope of Practice Letter

Recently the ABEC South Executive Committee was informed of a decision by the City of Edmonton to stop accepting Building Permit applications from Professional Engineers for Building Science projects. This decision was made immediately following an opinion presented to the City by the Architects Association of Alberta (AAA) regarding jurisdictional authority of Architects.

This is a significant shift in the current regulatory and permitting framework presently in place in Alberta. The drastic nature and haste with which this decision was made is concerning. It also does not reflect the reality of our industry in that a significant number of Professional Engineers practice Building Science in Alberta.

The ABEC South Executive has reviewed and discussed this matter at our January executive meeting and have reached out the Alberta Safety Codes Council in a letter posted to our website. The SCC has responded and indicated they will review the matter.

We encourage our members to review the letter by clicking the link below. Please direct questions to info@abecsouth.org.

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