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Marty Deemter


Marty is passionate about buildings, having worked on them for his entire professional career..

Marty started his professional career in the mid 1990’s as a journeyman carpenter and small business contracting company owner. As a contractor, Marty has worked on residential and commercial construction projects, in both new construction and restoration projects.

Since 2010, Marty combined his construction experience with engineering services in evaluation, restoration, design development and construction administration/ field services for roofing, building envelope, and secondary structural elements of new and existing buildings primarily in the greater Calgary area.

Marty’s broad base of knowledge from a practical and theoretical standpoint gives him a unique insight into the building enclosure industry, and represents the needs of all industry stakeholders. Marty has successfully delivered a variety of building envelope rehabilitation and structural restoration consulting projects of all sizes and uses, from early concept and design phases through to delivery.

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