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SAIT offers a Moisture Control Technician Certificate that will show you how dampness can invade a building – and help you prevent and correct moisture problems in your residential construction projects. Through eight self-study modules and a two-day onsite learning session in either Calgary or Edmonton, you’ll examine the building science of moisture control and durability in wood frame housing, acquiring the knowledge you need to eliminate moisture issues.


The Master of Engineering in Building Science degree is designed to provide students from various engineering disciplines with advanced knowledge and skills to achieve a holistic understanding of building performance through a core course component, which is composed of a fundamental technical cluster, and an applied technical cluster. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of a specialty area through focused elective technical courses and a supervised research project.

This four-year Bachelor of Building Science degree prepares graduates for opportunities in the construction industry and related fields that support and implement ongoing research and development related to building materials and building systems. Using a holistic approach, students develop an appreciation of buildings as a set of interconnected systems that can be built, modified, and adapted to meet requirements for functionality, energy consumption and human comfort.

The Master of Building Science program at Ryerson University is an interdisciplinary graduate program unique in Canada. It offers graduates of building-related programs an opportunity to explore the building science principles necessary to deliver sustainable buildings. The program provides high quality, professionally relevant, graduate education for students considering careers in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.  This program offers students the opportunity to develop sound knowledge in areas such as detail design, building performance, human interaction, life cycle analysis, performance assessment, construction processes and forensic investigation of problems. It seeks to apply fundamental science principles to the components of a building, its users and the environment. The diversity of student backgrounds encourages an interdisciplinary approach and offers graduates from various building-industry related programs an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of building science and sustainability.  The program offers a Masters of Applied Science degree (two years and more research intensive) or a Masters of Building Science degree (one year and more course based).